[U-Boot-Users] Problem with Strata 28F256K3 Erasing on PXA

Michael Frey mfrey at pepper.com
Thu Dec 16 04:06:30 CET 2004


I use the K3 Strata flash on our PXA board and I have no problems using 
the CFI driver built into u-boot.  There was no need to write a custom 


On Dec 15, 2004, at 8:55 PM, Craig A. Vanderborgh wrote:

> Hello again, everyone:
> I am having trouble with the u-boot flash code on my target system.  I 
> am using the new 28F256K3 Intel chips on this target, instead of the 
> 28F128J3A chips (which were on my development system).
> U-Boot works with the 128J3A's but not with the 256K3's.  I have 
> tweaked the flash code so that it's correctly detecting the chips.  
> And the u-boot runs out of these 256K3's when I program it into flash 
> using JTAG.  What does not work with the 256K3's is ERASING flash.  
> And damned if I can figure out why.  The u-boot code that is supposed 
> to erase the flash just FLIES through in no time at all, without 
> reporting any errors.  But then when I try to write the 
> flash-writing-code says "Error - flash not erased".
> What do you think might be going on?  How might I proceed to debug 
> this?  Does anyone out there have some test code that can erase the 
> Intel Strata 28F256K3's?
> Please advise - I am very lost and frustrated at the moment...
> Thanks in advance,
> craig vanderborgh
> voxware incorporated
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