[U-Boot-Users] minor changes brings system to hang

Jonas Dietsche maillist at fsforth.de
Tue Dec 21 11:05:30 CET 2004

Hello list,

I have a strange behaviour when I try to modify my u-boot image 
(u-boot-1.1.0). The same results with u-boot-1.1.1.
I use a ARM9 of NetSilicon, uclibc toolchain.

When I modify e.g. CONFIG_BOOTCOMMAND or add a define in my config file 
u-boot hangs booting. Maybe I'm blind and don't see what I have forgotten...

I disassembled the working and a not working version and compared them. 
They looked completely different - about 800 differences - although I 
deleted only two characters in the CONFIG_BOOTCOMMAND string.

What catched my eye were the start, bss_start and bss_end addresses.
Here the output of the working image:

00f80044 <_armboot_start>:
   f80044:    00f80000     rsceqs    r0, r8, r0

00f80048 <_bss_start>:
   f80048:    00f9e308     rsceqs    lr, r9, r8, lsl #6

00f8004c <_bss_end>:
   f8004c:    00fa2784     rsceqs    r2, sl, r4, lsl #15

and the output of the damaged one
00f80044 <_armboot_start>:
   f80044:    00f80000     rsceqs    r0, r8, r0

00f80048 <_bss_start>:
   f80048:    00f9e300     rsceqs    lr, r9, r0, lsl #6

00f8004c <_bss_end>:
   f8004c:    00fa277c     rsceqs    r2, sl, ip, ror r7

The output fragment I get when u-boot boots is

ot code: 00F80000 -> 00F9E308  BSS: -> 00FA2784
Stack: 0badc0de
Stack: 0badc0de
  #0: 00000000 16 MB?

The bss_start and bss_end addresses do not correspond to the addresses 
of the disassembled image.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help,

Jonas Dietsche

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