[U-Boot-Users] Re: What does the Kernel get from U-boot ?

craig vanderborgh craigv at voxware.com
Wed Dec 22 06:14:40 CET 2004

Federico Lucifredi <flucifredi <at> acm.org> writes:

> Hello Booters,
>     Just a quick newbie-style question: what is passed between U-boot 
> and the kernel? Just the bootargs env variable or is there any other 
> (more intimate http://news.gmane.org/img/smilies/smile.png"> relationship
between the two? What I am asking is, 
> what does the kernel get from U-boot aside from the location of the root 
> filesystem? I guess the answer is 'nothing', but if it turns out there 
> is more, I'd like to know =)
>     -Federico
> _________________________________________

Hello Federico,

I think I can answer your question, but I need a bit more information first.

What U-boot passes to the linux kernel is architecture-dependent, as so many
things are in this world.  What kind of system are you working with?

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