[U-Boot-Users] Uboot Netconsole support

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Wed Dec 22 12:06:16 CET 2004

In message <000e01c4e807$fc2ed800$4501a8c0 at bgcw301> you wrote:
> The next alternative is Ethernet. I had downloaded uboot ver 1.1.1 but I
> am not able to find Readme.Netconsole in the doc directory. Does uboot
> 1.1.1 provide support for Netconsole? Are there any patches available

As you already found out it does not contain this feature.

> for uboot to run Netconsole?

No, ther eare no patches. There is a current  version  (top  of  CVS)
which includes this so no patches are needed.

> Also we have a requirement to put log messages on Ethernet (on uboot
> also). These messages must be put very early, even before the IP comes

What exactly do you mean "before the IP comes up"?

> up. Is our requirement possible by using the current uboot as is or do
> we have to modify the uboot code for the changes?

You have to explain what you want to do in such a  way  that  we  can
understand it.

> A trivial issue,
> 1) I went thro uboot.sourceforge.net, there was uboot ver1.0 only

The page reads: "Crunched and crypted init procedure to protect linux
server." This is something else  -  a  completely  different  project
unrelated to "Das U-Boot".

> 2) I went to the sourceforge site thro denx.de site and got uboot, the
> version shown is uboot1.1.1.(activity percentile 98.3%)
> Why is this difference? What is the latest version of uboot released and
> where can I get it?

These are two completely different projects. If you actually  READ  a
bit on the web pages you jump to you might learn the difference.

The last officially released version of U-Boot can be  found  on  the
web  page  at  SF:  it's U-Boot-1.1.1; the current development verion
(1.1.2) is available on the CVS server at SF.

And all of this is information is available by reading a bit  on  the
SF web page and in the mailing list archives.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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