[U-Boot-Users] Uboot Netconsole support

Srivatsan srivatsan at deccanetworld.com
Wed Dec 22 13:39:16 CET 2004

Thanks for the reply Mr.Wolfgang.

Correct me if I am wrong.

Our requirement is such that uboot should print (debug) messages while
it is coming up. I do think that the present uboot is doing that but our
requirement is that it must do so on Ethernet console instead of Serial
port. Finally the CLI must start on the Ethernet.

With Best Regards,

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In message <000e01c4e807$fc2ed800$4501a8c0 at bgcw301> you wrote:
> The next alternative is Ethernet. I had downloaded uboot ver 1.1.1 but
> am not able to find Readme.Netconsole in the doc directory. Does uboot
> 1.1.1 provide support for Netconsole? Are there any patches available

As you already found out it does not contain this feature.

> for uboot to run Netconsole?

No, ther eare no patches. There is a current  version  (top  of  CVS)
which includes this so no patches are needed.

> Also we have a requirement to put log messages on Ethernet (on uboot
> also). These messages must be put very early, even before the IP comes

What exactly do you mean "before the IP comes up"?

> up. Is our requirement possible by using the current uboot as is or do
> we have to modify the uboot code for the changes?

You have to explain what you want to do in such a  way  that  we  can
understand it.

> A trivial issue,
> 1) I went thro uboot.sourceforge.net, there was uboot ver1.0 only

The page reads: "Crunched and crypted init procedure to protect linux
server." This is something else  -  a  completely  different  project
unrelated to "Das U-Boot".

> 2) I went to the sourceforge site thro denx.de site and got uboot, the
> version shown is uboot1.1.1.(activity percentile 98.3%)
> Why is this difference? What is the latest version of uboot released
> where can I get it?

These are two completely different projects. If you actually  READ  a
bit on the web pages you jump to you might learn the difference.

The last officially released version of U-Boot can be  found  on  the
web  page  at  SF:  it's U-Boot-1.1.1; the current development verion
(1.1.2) is available on the CVS server at SF.

And all of this is information is available by reading a bit  on  the
SF web page and in the mailing list archives.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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