[U-Boot-Users] UART 16654

Jonas Dietsche maillist at fsforth.de
Mon Dec 27 17:47:44 CET 2004

Hello list,

I try to use an external UART with an ARM9 of NetSilicon. The driver for 
Linux works fine. In u-boot I thougt about using the NS16550 driver and 
it workes fine, too. I see the output and can use the console to make 
changes to the u-boot commands.
Now my problem:
Using an u-boot with the NS16550 makes linux not booting any more. The 
last message I get is "Starting kernel ...". It is not possible to ping 
the target any more. Using an u-boot without the NS16550 driver works. I 
don't see the u-boot output but linux starts normal.

Any ideas what's going wrong?



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