[U-Boot-Users] telnet server on u-boot

Laurent Mohin laurent.mohin at acterna.com
Tue Feb 24 17:41:58 CET 2004


In message above, you wrote :

> > For some remote instruments, I need to be able to have a telnet access 
> > the boot in case of my Linux kernel and file system are down (after an 

> > upgrade for example).
> > I don't think that u-boot provide telnet support and I had a look at 
> > another boot project called redboot that provide such a functionality.
> > I have a couple of questions :
> > Does anybody see another solution than telnet to control a remote 
> > instrument?

> There are many solutions. You don't provide much  informatiuon  about
> your  workign environment so it is difficult to make a good recommen-
> dation. Standard solutions include: use a  modem  to  attach  to  the
> serial  console;  use  a  terminal  server  to  attach  to the serial
> console; etc.

Use of a modem or a terminal server to attach to the serial console is not 
a good solution for me, because I hope to deploy at least several hundred 
of instruments. And the only link I have with them is thru Ethernet. 
That's why I'm looking for something similar as telnet.

Thanks for your reply,


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