[U-Boot-Users] patch to add autoload via NFS

Steven Scholz steven.scholz at imc-berlin.de
Wed Feb 25 15:34:25 CET 2004

>>Is there a way the DHCP server can tell the client how to load the
>>file? I.e. to use tftp or nfs or something else? So you can decide
>>based answer from the DHCP server how to load it...
> I can't find out the such keyword in the manual of dhcpd.conf.
> Otherwise, to use the new environment variable like "autoload-nfs"
> or "autoload-protocol" to decide the protocol.
> Does anyone have the idea ?

The idea is already in your mail: Use the existing environment 
variable autoload like

autoload=n	-> no autoload
autoload=y	-> tftp (for historical reasons)
autoload=tftp	-> use tftp
autoload=nfs	-> use NFS

How about that?

Steven Scholz

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