[U-Boot-Users] Is the LAN91C96 driver's bugs caused the Lubbock board TFTP failure?

James Jiao jiaoxf at hellocq.net
Sun Jan 4 13:13:50 CET 2004

Hello, u-boot-users,

I am now trying to run U-boot on our Lubbock board, I found the timer maintaining routines udelay(unsigned long usec) in /cpu/pxa/interrupts.c caused the TFTP to fail. It's just because the udelay reset the OS timer OSCR, while TFTP use this timer to do the time-out function. But the Lan91C96 drivers called the udelay(), so the TFTP will time-out so quickly and send out large amount of ARPs or Requests.

I fixed the udelay routine just as the /cpu/arm720t/interrupts.c describes. It brings the TFTP to work! Is this /cpu/pxa/interrupts.c 's bug?

Best regards. 

James Jiao
jiaoxf at hellocq.net

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