[U-Boot-Users] CFG_CMD_.... configuration space running out!!

Robin Gilks robin.gilks at tait.co.nz
Sun Jan 4 23:21:11 CET 2004

Hi Wolfgang

Wolfgang Denk wrote:
> In message <3FE12B12.7070509 at tait.co.nz> you wrote:
>>>test *40000.4 -eq 12345678
>>>test *40000   -eq 12345678
>>>test *40000.2 -eq 1234
>>>test *40000.1 -eq 12
>>As it happens, the simple_strtoul() parsing is quite happy with a 
>>trailing '.' so either should code up easily enough. Thanks for the input...
> Do NOT do it this way. Command modifiers on the arguments is silly.
> I will reject anything like that.

I'm not modifying the command but I _AM_ modifying the parameters to it. 
  The idea was to be able to specify the width of either the left- or 
right-hand-side of the test expression (or both).

What I'll do instead is (as you also suggested to avoid future clashes) 
is change the name and make the command do a test of specified width (as 
defined by a command modifier) - it will still do what I wanted but not 
in the same flexible way I had envisaged.

Happy New Year!!

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