[U-Boot-Users] U-Boot on MPC8280

sudhakar rajashekhara rsudhakar_blr at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 7 14:17:59 CET 2004


I am trying to port U-boot-1.0.0 on a board which has
MPC8280 processor. I have started with RAM boot. I am
using VisionPROBE utility to debug. One of the line
which U-boot executes is as follows.

        mfmsr   r5   /* save msr contents */

This line is supposed to move the contents of MSR
register to R5 register. I am seeing the content of
these two registers before the execution of the above
statement and after the execution, using "DR" command.
But I feel that the above statement is not executed
properly as the content of R5 register is same even
after the above line is executed (in my case 40)
whereas MSR is all ZEROes. Why is it happening so? I
also want to know whether anyone has sucessfully
ported U-boot to MPC8280?


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