[U-Boot-Users] RTC for MPC5200

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Fri Jan 9 07:46:52 CET 2004

In message <20040109002314.GA5148 at timension.com> you wrote:
> Oh, it boots, no problem.  What I'm having trouble with (inexperience) is
> changing the root filesystem after and cutting all ties to busybox so that
> I can unmount the ramdisk.  The closest I've gotten to booting is with

Why do you want to  do  that?  If  you  want  a  ramdisk  based  root
filesystem  then use that. If you wand a root filesystem on harddisk,
that use that. I see no need  (and  no  sense)  in  booting  with  an
initial ramdisk and then switching to a harddisk.

> But after that, I'm still running busybox, and when the "application" process
> expires, it starts berating me.  Of course, I can't umount /initrd because

Well, remove the "application" process and the network  servers  from

> it's still occupied.   I've read up all I can find on the boot
> process using initrd, and haven't found much specifics about handing over
> control from one init process to another.

You have to design your system. You must  understand  which  services
are needed where, and use those, but not anything else. It definitely
makes  no  sense  to start network servers and application stuff that
keeps running in the background if you later intend to pivot_root  to
a different filesystem.

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