[U-Boot-Users] Patch for NAND Booting on SMDK2410

Markus Pietrek maillist at fsforth.de
Fri Jan 9 15:18:14 CET 2004

Hi folks,

here is a patch to enable U-Boot 1.0 to boot from NAND/SmartMedia cards. 
smdk2410.h must include the line '#define CONFIG_BOOT_NAND 1" and the 
resulting u-boot.bin must be copied to the first SmartMedia sectors (with a 
JTAG tool for example). The first sector of the SmartMedia card should also 
be marked as "Defect". With J33 and J34 closed the board should then boot 
from SmartMedia.

This first version is very simple as U-Boot is linear on the SmartMedia and 
don't allows a filesystem. Later version may include placing U-Boot on a 

This patch also includes code for clearing the BSS segment. This is not the 
same code Larsen submitted this morning :-(

Markus Pietrek
FS Forth-Systeme GmbH
Phone: +49 (7667) 908 145,  FAX +49 (7667) 908 221

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