[U-Boot-Users] Statically assigned IP addresses

Richard Klingler richard.klingler at violasystems.com
Tue Jan 13 19:50:49 CET 2004

Hello (o;

> Hello,
> This is my first time using U-boot and I have what I
> am sure is a newbie question.  However, I am getting
> an error while attempting to access the archives at
> SourceForge, so I'll go ahead and post the following.
> 1.    On my Chameleon 405EP board, it appears the Ethernet
>   interface is off by default.  While the board is
>   running Linux, the Ethernet interface is *not*
>   brought up by default -- rather, I must type
>   'ifconfig eth0 up'.  This seems strange, but I can
>   live with it.  While the board is running U-boot,
>   on the other hand, there does not appear to be a
>   'bring up Ethernet' command.  I have MAC address and
>   IP address set in environment variables, so what else
>   do I need to do to get the board to answer a ping???

Are you able to tftp an image to your board in u-boot?
Get's your ethernet controller initialized after reset?
Using a strange/cheap hub/switch?

In Linux you have always some "ifconfig interface xxxx" stuff
during boot...so adding an "up" statement wouldn't hurt...

> 2.    Probably the same as the first question -- assigning
>   a static IP address.  In our lab, we do not use DHCP;
>   addresses are statically assigned.  Is setenv ipaddr
>   {n.n.n.n} sufficient?  If not, what else do I need
>   to do?

setenv netmask x.x.x.x

and if you like:

setenv gatewayip x.x.x.x

> 3.    Is this standard U-boot behavior, or is it peculiar
>   to the Chameleon board?  On the boards we manufacture
>   (and in our firmware), Ethernet comes up by default.

Should be...


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