[U-Boot-Users] Patch for NAND Booting on SMDK2410

Matt Matoushek mmatoushek at invocon.com
Wed Jan 14 15:09:42 CET 2004

Howdy Markus and u-boot users,

> Oops, sorry. As this file didn't exist originally, my "cvs diff -c -D"
> must have skipped this file. Here it is.

Thanks.  That helps.  Now I'm curious as to how you are using this new
functionality.  I am developing a platform based on the s3c2410 and have
been using U-boot (booting from NOR) as a development boot-loader since
I can easily tftp new code, file systems, etc.

For production use I have intended on using a modification of the ADAM
boot-loader provided by Samsung, mainly because CFG_CMD_NAND isn't
implemented yet in U-boot for the smdk2410.  The NAND boot patch gives
me a potential alternative.

Am I correct about status of CFG_CMD_NAND for u-boot and the smdk2410?
If I am correct, is there anyone out there working on this?
If so, would you like any help with that development?

Matt Matoushek

Invocon, Inc.
mmatoushek at invocon.com

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