[U-Boot-Users] Intel Strataflash in 8-bit mode

Brad Kemp Brad.Kemp at Seranoa.com
Wed Jan 14 21:58:40 CET 2004

In doing a little research for 8 bit support, I found this errata on the
Intel web site.
Of particular note is #18

18. Byte Mode (x8) Functionality
Problem: Reads from the array in Byte-mode do not return the correct
Implication: Customers should not attempt to operate the device in the
x8 configuration as incorrect data will be
read from the array.
Workaround: There is no known workaround for this issue.
Status: Fixed on 128 Mbit A-5 stepping.

Can someone with 8bit hardware explain this failure? 
Does this means the Byte Mode reads fail and Word Mode read succeed in
x8 configureations?
Brad Kemp

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