[U-Boot-Users] Re: u-boot 1.0.0+ PCI Bridge enumeration problem

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Tue Jan 20 19:01:27 CET 2004


> On Mon, 2004-01-19 at 17:06, Travis Sawyer wrote:

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>> I am having a problem with PCI 'plug-n-play', specifically with bridge
>> setup.
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>> If I turn on CONFIG_PCI_PNP (in u-boot), the pci enumeration never
>> stops.  I turned on DEBUG'ing in pci.c and pci_auto.c and added some
>> debug prints to try to see what is going on, but I cannot figure out why
>> it is seeing more than just the 3 21154 bridges.
>> Any help would greatly be appreciated.
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> In order to get config access across sub-bridges one must do config type
> 1 reads/writes.
> Not knowing if this would break other ports, I've added a #elif
> defined(CONFIG_440_GX) section that adds the following lines:

I don't know if it is related but I have a similar problem with pci enum
on Cogent CSB272 board (with IBM PPC405GP) I am working. This board has
two PCI slots. If any of these slots have a PCI card the bus enum does not
stop after the identified PCI device and I get repeated listings (32 in
all) of the same device except that Dev is different for each one. i.e.

=> pci
Scanning PCI devices on bus 0
BusDevFun  VendorId   DeviceId   Device Class       Sub-Class
00.00.00   0x1014     0x0156     Bridge device           0x00
00.01.00   0x5333     0x8901     Display controller      0x00
00.02.00   0x5333     0x8901     Display controller      0x00
00.03.00   0x5333     0x8901     Display controller      0x00
00.1d.00   0x5333     0x8901     Display controller      0x00
00.1e.00   0x5333     0x8901     Display controller      0x00
00.1f.00   0x5333     0x8901     Display controller      0x00

Right now PCI functionality is not needed here. So, I was deferring
investigation of this later. On another post it was said it might be
related to IDSEL but as far as I understand IDSEL issue is for when I am
trying to use both PCI slots.

In short, it is possible that your fix might be needed beyond 440GX...


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