[U-Boot-Users] RE: CFI conformant flash driver available

Sam Song samsongshu at yahoo.com.cn
Thu Jan 22 08:06:03 CET 2004

Brad Kemp you worte:

> Thanks to all who are helping out. Please let me
> know if there are any problems or if things went 
> well. If possible plese let me know what are the
> width, chip width, flash chip and number of banks on
> successful uses of this driver.

Thanks,I got it and plan to test it on LITW_DW first
with 4 AM29DL323DB90VI[TOTAL 16Byte] in 4*8bit mode.As
for INTEL flash,I am afriad of delaying some time for
u-boot haven't booted successfully on my custom board
with 4 E28F128J3A in 4*8bit mode.

Best regards,


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