[U-Boot-Users] A couple of newbie questions.

Anders Öhlander anders at ontimenet.com
Thu Jan 29 13:30:10 CET 2004

Hi all u-boot users

1) I have a question about how to build a u-boot image that will be downloaded to flash memory. I am running a OKI67ML5001 CPU with ARM7TDMI core.
I will save the u-boot image to flash and when starting up reallocate the u-boot code to SDRAM.
How do I configure it ? I have tried with changning TEXT_BASE parameter, but in that case the whole mapping was moved to the new address.
I am looking for one copy to SDRAM address and one flash address to store the u-boot.

2) My ARM7TDMI CPU have also possibillity to change mapping in run-time. Is there any support in u-boot for remapping in run-time ?

3) The parameters that I can store in flash with the u-boot (ENV_) can uClinux read and use them ?
Or has Linux own parameter ?

4) How do I config a filesystem to be used with u-boot ? I have seen something about a romfs or jffs2 filesystem. Can I store uClinux images in a filesystem that u-boot can read and download to SDRAM and start. Can you give me more information here !

Thanks in advance.

Have a nice day.

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