[U-Boot-Users] Some basic issues about porting u-boot to a new platform

Roc Wu cooloney at yahoo.com.cn
Fri Jul 2 04:38:40 CEST 2004

Hi folks:
   A new project about porting u-boot is assigned to
me. but I don't have any experience about it. I read
the readme file from the u-boot 1.1.1 source code. 
   A clear procedure of the porting comes in my mind.
But there are also some basic issues about it. please
give me some hints about it. 
1. Generally, what kind tool is good for debugging the
u-boot code? our platform is based on ARM
archtechiture, so MultiICE is avaiable for us.

2. What is the minimal requirement for running the
u-boot? CPU->SDRAM->serial port? After serail is ok,
then we can add some printf stuff in the next
developing code. Is that right?

please give us some advice about it. Thank a lot.

P.S. Hi wolfgang, our system administrator check the
ISP email server. He said it's IP was blocked by the
sourceforge.net mailist server. Could you unblock it?
Our email server's IP is 

Thanks a lot 
Best Regards

Bryan Wu in China

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