[U-Boot-Users] C function call in Linux kernel

Frank Young young726 at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 10 00:09:42 CEST 2004

>In message <BAY2-F10Hzo79WlPqLo0001ba66 at hotmail.com> you wrote:
> > I check the structure before I posted this question. I also tried to 
> > u-boot.h. But still no luck. The kernel is always stuck at the first C
> > function call.
>Let's go back a few steps.
>How do you know that? And what exactly means "stuck" in this context?

I put the following piece of code in head_4xx.S:

	lis r17, UART1_BASE at h
	addi r17, r17, UART1_BASE at l
	li r18, '1'
	stb r18, 0(r17)

	bl	early_init	/* We have to do this with MMU on */

	lis r17, UART1_BASE at h
	addi r17, r17, UART1_BASE at l
	li r18, '2'
	stb r18, 0(r17)

early_init is the c functional. From the console I can see '1' but no '2', 
which is expected after early_init is done.

I also put the UART code to the setup.c/early_init() right after it is 
called. No output either. So I guess the C function call got some problem.

I remember I had somewhat similiar when I touched u-boot at the very 
beginning. At that time I put u-boot code in flash starting from FF800000 
but forgot to change the TEXT_BASE in board/walnut405/config.mk. The u-boot 
did run at that time but I couldn't call C function. Fortunately I found 
this mistake right away. But this time it doesn't seem like the same 
solution. The kernel was relocated by the u-boot to 0x0 and the TLB did set 
map 0xC0000000 to 0x0. This makes me doubt the setting of sdram is not 

BTW, could anybody tell me how to calcuate the value of SDRAM0_RTR? For 
example, I have a SDRAM with 100MHz and I want to get 15.2us interval, thus 
the value should be 15.2us / 10ns = 1520 = 0x5F0, the register value should 
be 0x2F800000. But on my hardware spec the value is 0x0FD00000, which 
doesn't look correct to me. If I use 100MHz and want to get 7.6us interval, 
the value should be 0x2F8, then the register value should be 0x17C00000, is 
it right?


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