[U-Boot-Users] ppc440gx issue

Travis Sawyer tsawyer+u-boot at sandburst.com
Wed Jul 14 14:44:38 CEST 2004

Possibly off topic here, please bear with me...

I have custom HW, ppc 440gx, with a xilinx system ace connected on chip
select 2.  I can read/write the sysace internal reg's w/o problem. 
However, when I attempt to read a sector of the compact flash connected
to the sysace, I only get the first 16 bits from the fifo.

Does anyone on the list know of any issues with the 4xx series and chip
select 2?  (Yes, I have checked the errata, nothing there).  I thought I
saw something fly by either here or on linuxppc-embedded, but I wasn't
sure where, and a archive search brings up nothing for me.

On another note, the HW engineers here are quite impressed with the
capabilities of u-boot (they were skeptics at first, as they wanted to
use PIBS (on custom hw even)).  Kudos to Wolfgang, and the multitude of
developers here!

Thanx for any light you can shed on my situation,


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