[U-Boot-Users] vxworks boot loader and u-boot's hello_world

Alireza Sadri arsadri at yahoo.ca
Wed Jul 14 14:52:45 CEST 2004

Hi all.

I need a standalone application to run on vxworks boot
loader , on sbc8260.

I tried to run u-boot example , hello_world , but it
makes an exception , when tries to access a logical
address.(MSR says i have supervisior privilege, so
this is not because of instruction needed privilege)

I think this is due to lack of logical addresses
provided by vxworks boot loader, as hello_world is
configured to use logical addresses provided by

can anyone help me?am i right? can i run any
standalone application on it?

I have configured u-boot , ( sbc8260.c(/board) and
sbc8260.h(/include/configs )and compiled it.I am not
an expert.

also vxworks bootloader can not run u-boot elf.why
this happens?


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