[U-Boot-Users] memory allocation

Friedrich, Lars lars.friedrich at wago.com
Thu Jul 15 08:19:34 CEST 2004

> > Is there a (good) reason why the mem_alloc_init for ARM
> > (and some other) targets zeroes out the malloc pool?

> Paranoia?

That incompetent software developers flood your mailbox?

> BTW: the same is done on other architectures, too.

But not for all - so one way or the other, it's not correct.
Unless there is less paranoia for certain architectures ;-)

> > This seems very redundant to me. I removed the memset code
> > and didn't run into any trouble so far, but maybe I was just lucky.
> We do a lot of redundand things that help to improve styability ;-)

I consider zeroeing out this memory area as a way to obscure
bugs, by allowing faulty code to run nevertheless. I guess it's a thin
line between improving stability and catering bad code.

Anyway, I've noted this as 'intended by design' and keep the removal

Best regards,
Lars Friedrich


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