[U-Boot-Users] Question About New Board Support

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Fri Jul 16 23:59:24 CEST 2004

In message <1090011936.23995.19.camel at blarg.somerset.sps.mot.com> you wrote:
> In particular, I would like to follow the example of, say,
> the "kup" line where a single top-level board/kup directory
> is introduced and sub-directories "kup/common", "kup/kup4k"
> and "kup/kup4x" are then introduced to house shared, and
> board-specific parts respectively.

This is nothing specific to the Kieback &  Peter  boards.  There  are
many of those:


> Is this "kup" layout currently accepted as "good practice"?

Looks like it is :-)

> Or is the preference to continue with a specific board for
> in its own directory all the time?

Whatever makes sense. If you have closely related  boards  (like  all
built  by  the same manufacturer) using very similar features, so you
find yourself dumplicating lots of code, then a board/<vendor>/common
directory is appropriate.

Otherwise this is just another board, and files are kept separate and
independend of other boards.

> I am proposing introducing the board/mpc85xx directory,


> initially with support for my two new processors (and board),

Processor support does not belong into the board directory.

> and eventually moving the rest of the MPC85xx based boards
> into this structure.  This would likely include the MPC8540ADS,
> the MPC8560ADS, the stxgp3 from Dan Malek, and possibly the
> SBC8560 board as well.

No, this  doesn't  make  sense  to  me.  Feel  free  to  create  some
board/freescale/common/  directory and use it for code that is common
to all or many or even several of  the  Freescale  boards.  The  rest
shall remain as it is.

If there IS redundand code that it used in  many  board  directories,
then  it  was  a bad design from the beginning, and should be cleaned
up. We have the common/ directory for such general stuff  (like,  for
example,  common/memsize.c whince once upon a time used to be part of
most of the board/<board>.c files).

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