[U-Boot-Users] gdb step next & bdi2000

Glenn R Heard Jr gheard at zoominternet.net
Fri Jul 23 03:14:40 CEST 2004

Hi All,

    To start, I'm debugging u-boot on an at91rm9200. I'm having a real
problem using step & next in gdb. After loading the program, I can use the
bdi2000's telnet interface and ti ( step ) as many times as I like with no
problems. In gdb step or next may only work once or twice before it acts
like a continue... At the same time in the bdi window, it complains of all
hardware breakpoints in use! How can this be? I've tried this in both
gdb-6.1.1 and the latest gdb snapshot of 20040722. Why would gdb be trying
to set more than two breakpoints for a step or next command. Before doing
this, I have made sure that the bdi setpoints were cleared. I'm at a loss.
If none of you have ever experienced this then I guess I'll have to call

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