[U-Boot-Users] Intel LXT972A on FADS 852T

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Mon Jul 26 18:59:05 CEST 2004

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> > This is my second series of post on this subject. Current
> situation is that when I ping from uboot, now I do not get TX
> timeout, but get host is dead message.
> Please use shorter lines (max. 70 characters or so).
> What do you mean you get a "host is dead" message?  U-Boot  does 
> not print such a message.
Actual message is host <ip address> is not alive

> > I have done of the obvious and non-obvious checks. e.g. ethernet
> cable and stuff outside the box is fully operational. Infect I see
> arp packet going out on ethereal. I know that reply is sent by the
> pinged box.
> Do you also see the ICMP packet sent by U-Boot on the wire? 
> > My hardware guy has checked all the clocks and he assures me that
> they are all in order. He also made external loopback, i.e. ethernet
> cable with input going to output, this also works.
> How did you test this that you know it works?
Well, initially, when I was getting TX timeout, I stop getting timeout
message with lopback cable.

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