[U-Boot-Users] Heads up for ppl using the cpu/mpc8xx/spi.c

David Ho DavidHo at nanometrics.ca
Mon Jul 26 19:22:45 CEST 2004

> > For those who are using an old u-boot version 0.4.8 like me please be
> Question 1: why are you using this old version?

I would love to go with a newer version but after patching in my changes to
1.0.2 u-boot doesn't boot, so I'm left with a business decision that
dictates my time be best spent leaving 0.4.8 happily running and working on
other issues.

> Question 2: is your observation still relevant to current code?

Good point, but that's way down in my priority list.

> > warned that the code somehow is setting a register (spi->spi_rpbase)
> > which there is no defined behaviour (good or bad) when the spi ucode
> > is _not_ applied.
> What makes you think so?

I was reading an old manual that ends at offset 0x24 TxTMP...  will be more
careful next time.

In any case if spi->spi_rpbase is set, it tells the CPM where the start of
the SPI parameter RAM is, with respect to the start of the DPRAM, and by
default it ain't 0x0.

So with a small test, I replaced the statement with the default SPI offset

      spi->spi_rpbase = 0x1D80;

The CPM has a much happier time dealing with this than 0x0.

My original post is simply to warn people who are still using version
0.4.8. If someone has the time to check out the latest version of the code
please feel free to do so.


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