[U-Boot-Users] Keeping Console on Serial after LCD Enabled

Michael Bendzick michaelb at logicpd.com
Tue Jul 27 21:51:42 CEST 2004

With Himba's help, I got things running much better for my OMAP 1510
Innovator LCD driver U-Boot, but once the LCD comes up (drv_lcd_init
finishes), the serial console output is switched off.  I can still issue
commands from my serial console, and have them take effect (like changing a
status LCD or turning off the LCD backlight with mm.b), but can't see any
more text output.

I tried commenting out 

	memset (&dev, 0, sizeof (dev));

	strcpy (dev.name, "nulldev");
	dev.putc = nulldev_putc;
	dev.puts = nulldev_puts;
	dev.getc = nulldev_input;
	dev.tstc = nulldev_input;

	device_register (&dev);

in common/devices.c, as when CONFIG_SPLASH_SCREEN is defined,
CFG_DEVICE_NULLDEV gets defined, and would appear to reroute console output
once assigned with dev.putc = serial_putc would now be dev.putc =
nulldev_putc.  However, this did not change the situation for me at all.

Any ideas on how to maintain the serial terminal?  Take note that my driver
is very very similar to cpu/mpc8xx/lcd.c, so I do not expect that coding
that I did is disabling the serial terminal, but instead some other
interaction in the code is doing this.


-Michael Bendzick
Systems and Software Engineering
Logic Product Development
michael.b at logicpd.com

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