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Wed Jul 28 16:18:43 CEST 2004

Since posting this email, I had found BCSR definition in the manual.

It appear that this address is not correct. (I have 852T Fads board).

Original fads.h file had

#define BCSR_ADDR   ((uint) 0xFF080000)

and I was getting sigabrt in serial.c (serial_init() call). Looking
around I found another definition, 

#define BCSR_ADDR   ((uint) 0x02100000)

This seems to work for serial ports, but had no effect in fec.c file
(fec_init() function call) and I thing this is the cause of my fec /
LXT972 (which I have sent in different emails before).

Uptill this point,

IMMR 0xff000000
SDRAM from 0x00000000 for 32 mb
Flash from 0x02000000 for 16 mb

Yesterday I change Flash to start from 0x40000000 and again I am
getting sigabrt serial.c:serial_init() function. This time none of
definitions are working (all get sigabrt)

#define BCSR_ADDR		((uint) 0x02100000)
#define BCSR_ADDR               ((uint) 0xff010000)
#define BCSR_ADDR		((uint) 0xff080000)

Well, how can I correctly calculate BCSR_ADDR for my environment.


Abu Sana

--- Wolfgang Denk <wd at denx.de> wrote:
> In message <20040728000126.1016.qmail at web50508.mail.yahoo.com> you
> wrote:
> > I see following line in board/fads/fads.h file
> > 
> > #define BCSR_ADDR ((uint) 0xFF080000)
> > 
> > Can anybody tell me where this definition comes from. Cannot find
> > any reference.
> For a desription of the register see  the  FADS  User's  manual; 
> the address was chosen when setting up the memory map for the
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