[U-Boot-Users] BCSR

Yuli Barcohen yuli at arabellasw.com
Wed Jul 28 17:12:32 CEST 2004

>>>>> Abu Sana writes:

    Abu_Sana> Since posting this email, I had found BCSR definition in
    Abu_Sana> the manual.  It appear that this address is not
    Abu_Sana> correct. (I have 852T Fads board).

It can't be correct or incorrect, it's just mapping that you choose. And
FADS port never supported 852T FADS board. This board is similar to
other FADS but may require some changes.

    Abu_Sana> Original fads.h file had

    Abu_Sana> #define BCSR_ADDR ((uint) 0xFF080000)

    Abu_Sana> and I was getting sigabrt in serial.c (serial_init()
    Abu_Sana> call). Looking around I found another definition,

    Abu_Sana> #define BCSR_ADDR ((uint) 0x02100000)

Found where? This value won't work in Linux. And BCSR has nothing to do
with serial_init().

    Abu_Sana> This seems to work for serial ports, but had no effect in
    Abu_Sana> fec.c file (fec_init() function call) and I thing this is
    Abu_Sana> the cause of my fec / LXT972 (which I have sent in
    Abu_Sana> different emails before).

    Abu_Sana> Uptill this point,

    Abu_Sana> IMMR 0xff000000 SDRAM from 0x00000000 for 32 mb Flash from
    Abu_Sana> 0x02000000 for 16 mb

    Abu_Sana> Yesterday I change Flash to start from 0x40000000

This is not good for Linux either, IMHO.

    Abu_Sana> and again I am getting sigabrt serial.c:serial_init()
    Abu_Sana> function. This time none of definitions are working (all
    Abu_Sana> get sigabrt)

    Abu_Sana> #define BCSR_ADDR ((uint) 0x02100000) define BCSR_ADDR
    Abu_Sana> #((uint) 0xff010000) define BCSR_ADDR ((uint) 0xff080000)

    Abu_Sana> Well, how can I correctly calculate BCSR_ADDR for my
    Abu_Sana> environment.

You can put it at any available address but what's wrong with the
current definition? Why do you think that the problem is in BCSR? Files
board/fads/fads.h and board/fads/fads.c contain a lot of
hardware-specific definitions. Have you adjusted them according to your
hardware? For example, there was no support for 32MB SDRAM. What's about
board-specific configuration file in include/configs?

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