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Thu Jul 29 11:43:52 CEST 2004

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> Inviato: giovedì 29 luglio 2004 10.50
> A: Figini Enzo
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> Oggetto: Re: [U-Boot-Users] DHCP/BOOTP with CONFIG_NET_MULTI
> Dear Enzo,
> in message
> <000e01c47541$604e1330$4a50848a at settimo.italtel.it> you wrote:
> >
> > I'm using u-boot 1.1.0 and I need to boot Linux using DHCP;
> in my board
> > there is more than one eth line available.
> OK. Ummm... which type of board is this?
A proprietary board with MPC8280.
I think to add it to u-boot tree when I'll finish to develop IPMI driver and
all will be OK.
> > Until now I have been using TFTP with CONFIG_NET_MULTI
> defined and all was
> > good, but looking the dhcp code for this step I see that
> dhcp doesn't
> > support more than one eth line (get mac address only from
> the first).
> You write "looking the dhcp code" -- did you actually try it out?
> The assignment of the current MAC address when  switching  to  a  new
> network interface happens in "net.c":
>     ...
>     289 restart:
>     290 #ifdef CONFIG_NET_MULTI
>     291         memcpy (NetOurEther, eth_get_dev()->enetaddr, 6);
>     292 #else
>     293         memcpy (NetOurEther, bd->bi_enetaddr, 6);
>     294 #endif
>     ...
> The BOOTP/DHCP code just uses the value stored in  the  "NetOurEther"
> variable. To me this looks OK.
yes, I see it and it's OK.
> > Is there any reason for this or is a bug ?
> I'm not sure I understand what you mean. Are  you  perhaps  confusing
> this with the random delay code (CONFIG_BOOTP_RANDOM_DELAY) where the
> computation  of  the  initial  random delay is based on the "ethaddr"
> value? This is definitely not a problem...

Yes, You are right, I made some confusion with this define.
Looking better the code seems all OK.
Sorry for my mistake.

My intention is to launch dhcp and tftp in a function that control the
result; in case of failure the boot process will be aborted sending
a communication over IPMI using a proprietari SMS interface based on SCC.
I looked the code for see if with CONFIG_NET_MULTI the dhcp process return
an error code or loop until ^C is pressed.

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