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Thu Jul 29 12:33:13 CEST 2004

In message <000f01c47550$8fb7fe10$4a50848a at settimo.italtel.it> you wrote:
> > The BOOTP/DHCP code just uses the value stored in  the  "NetOurEther"
> > variable. To me this looks OK.
> yes, I see it and it's OK.


> Yes, You are right, I made some confusion with this define.
> Looking better the code seems all OK.
> Sorry for my mistake.

Don't worry; we all have our blind spots.

> My intention is to launch dhcp and tftp in a function that control the
> result; in case of failure the boot process will be aborted sending
> a communication over IPMI using a proprietari SMS interface based on SCC.
> I looked the code for see if with CONFIG_NET_MULTI the dhcp process return
> an error code or loop until ^C is pressed.
> From the code seems that after all the interface configured, netRestartWrap
> go to 1, so a return of -1 is made bacause NetState assume the NETLOOP_FAIL
> value.
> This is exactly all I wanted.

Don't waste your time writing new code for such  functionality.  Just
enable the hush shell as parser and implement it as a shell command /
script, for example something like that

	run dhcp_cmd || run tftp_cmd || run ipmi_cmd

You have the power of shell programming available for free - use it!

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