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> For our custom board, based on AT91RM9200, we wants to use
> u-boot as a Linux bootloader.  We do not want to use any
> commercial software and hardware tools to program it.  We

No tools, he? Why do you want to make your life painful?

> u-boot to serial flash.  It is a two step process, first load
> an application called 'romboot.bin' then load the u-boot.  It
> seems 'romboot.bin' does preliminary set up, to load the u-boot

> image to serial flash.  The 'romboot.bin' image is built
> for the Atmel board.

... and is what you would probably call "commercial software"  ("pro-
prietary" or "non-free" are probably better desriptions).

> 1.
> Can I get the sources of this 'romboot.bin' or of similar
> program, that can be built with GNU tools of ARM?

Not here. Feel free to ask Atmel.

> 2.
> A Metrowerks project of 'romboot.bin' is available, but it uses
> some libraries (for example to have printf and scanf etc.) which

Feel free to ask Metrowerks, then.

> are not included in the project.  Is there any way I can compile
> it with GNU tools to make the complete application of
> 'romboot.bin'?

This is off topic here.

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