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For our custom board, based on AT91RM9200, we wants to use
u-boot as a Linux bootloader.  We do not want to use any
commercial software and hardware tools to program it.  We
want to put the u-boot in the serial flash, connected to
the controller on SPI.

I found a document (doc6067.pdf) from Atmel on how to load the
u-boot to serial flash.  It is a two step process, first load
an application called 'romboot.bin' then load the u-boot.  It
seems 'romboot.bin' does preliminary set up, to load the u-boot
image to serial flash.  The 'romboot.bin' image is built
for the Atmel board.

Can I get the sources of this 'romboot.bin' or of similar
program, that can be built with GNU tools of ARM?

A Metrowerks project of 'romboot.bin' is available, but it uses
some libraries (for example to have printf and scanf etc.) which
are not included in the project.  Is there any way I can compile
it with GNU tools to make the complete application of

Thanks in advance.


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