[U-Boot-Users] [Newbie help] Motorola Board with GT64260

Oliver Korpilla korpo at 01019freenet.de
Mon May 3 13:18:07 CEST 2004


I'd really like an overview what I would need to port U-Boot to the
Motorola MVME5500.

I'd greatly appreciate any kind of help for a newbie anyone on this
list could muster.

This is a student's project - I must tell upfront, that I cannot "hire a
guru" as stated in the README, and I'm still hard-pressed for time.

The interesting features for the boot-loader port are the Motorla 7455 CPU
and the Marvell GT64260B system controller.

I've seen in the source, that there's support for an evaluation board
featuring this controller - EVB64260. The CPU seems to be supported as
well by the 74xx_7xx, as far as I can see.

So there's some kind of support for the CPU, the controller, the
integrated serial lines (controller) and ethernet (controller). Basically
all in this revolves around the system controller from Marvell.

I need a decent boot-loader that can boot Linux from flash (a capability
that seems to be lacking from MotLoad, AFAIK), and I'm willing to port it,
if I can reasonably do so, and I'm willing to give back all changes.

But I do need some starting points of how to know which code to adapt,
how to rewire the existing code, which data to supply to make it
correspond to my setup.

Thanks in advance,
Oliver Korpilla

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