[U-Boot-Users] u-boot and bdi2000

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Sat May 8 00:20:18 CEST 2004

In message <409C0053.1050306 at iti.fi> you wrote:
> >Because you did not enter a "go" command, or used a bad address  with
> >the "go" ?
> >
> Of cource i entered go command and and user right address

This is not obvious. You didn;t mention it in  your  report,  and  it
didn't work, so there was a chance ther eis an error here.

> >Why that? Why don't you just use the BDI2000 to load and program  the
> >image to flash?
> >
> Few reasons, at first, the board is not Icecube, it is my own and it has 
> diferent flash etc.

This is not a reason at all. Of course the BDi2000 can  program  your
flash as well.

> It is easiest to do initial testing to load code to internal sram . With 

This is something between a matter of taste and an urban legend.

> test ethernet, serial, flash and sdram. And it is fast to program flash 
> directly over ethernet.

It's also fast to program flash with the BDI2000.

> In either case nothing appears in to the console.  Also, allways the 
> address is same
> and i got the step timeout.

Did you contact Abatron support? What did they say (except for: check
for hardware problems - which I'd say, too).

> with bdi2000.  There is something that i did wrong with bdi2000 
> configuration
> and i try figure out what.

Which differences are between your board and the LITE5200?

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