[U-Boot-Users] u-boot and bdi2000

Kate Alhola kate at iti.fi
Sat May 8 13:03:29 CEST 2004

Wolfgang Denk wrote:

>In message <409C0053.1050306 at iti.fi> you wrote:
>>It is easiest to do initial testing to load code to internal sram . With 
>This is something between a matter of taste and an urban legend.
I don't think so. If you have brand new board to test, you can't be sure 
that everything is working
at all. Things inside of cpu are most propably ones that work. That 
means internal SRAM, UART
and with little external support ethernet.

>>In either case nothing appears in to the console.  Also, allways the 
>>address is same
>>and i got the step timeout.
>Did you contact Abatron support? What did they say (except for: check
>for hardware problems - which I'd say, too).
The reason why i don't think that it is not hw problem in abatron or 
board but rather
some incompatibility with bdi2000 initialization and u-boot. The abatron 
without problemt to load my own code to internal sram, i can start and 
run it etc.
I was expecting something same than Dan Malek said that there is something
with debug register write etc.

For some reason the both cases, trace and starting with go fails in same
place ( before or after bl )

fff00118 <boot_cold>:
fff00118:       7c a0 00 a6     mfmsr   r5
fff0011c:       3c 60 f0 00     lis     r3,-4096
fff00120:       60 63 00 00     ori     r3,r3,0
fff00124:       7c 77 4b a6     mtspr   311,r3
fff00128:       54 63 84 3e     rlwinm  r3,r3,16,16,31
fff0012c:       3c 80 80 00     lis     r4,-32768
fff00130:       90 64 00 00     stw     r3,0(r4)
fff00134:       48 00 30 45     bl      fff03178 <init_5xxx_core>

Also the board works, u-boot works, the board boots and runs linux etc. 
The only
thing that don't work is u-boot with bdi2000 connected.

>>with bdi2000.  There is something that i did wrong with bdi2000 
>>and i try figure out what.
>Which differences are between your board and the LITE5200?

There is lot ot abot nothing diferencies. In basic boot level it is wery 
compaible with LITE5200.
Only meaningfull diference is that boot flash is diferent. I just needed 
to change u-boot
to support intel-compatible flash algorithm and change flash size to get 
it working.

The most diferencies goes in expansions. My board has NAND flash for 
filesystem, MMC for
filesystem, TI2301 audio codec/touch screen/system ADC, two banks of 
FPGA for LCD display controller and i-o expansion use. The board is 

I was just working to make u-boot to boot kernel from nand flash or mmc.


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