[U-Boot-Users] [PATCH] smc91111 - Add I/O functions, remove environment calls

Paul Ruhland pruhland at microwavedata.com
Tue May 11 18:50:29 CEST 2004

This patch makes the following hanges to the smc91111 driver, detailed 
description(s) follow:

1) adds I/O functions (SMC_inb, SMC_outb, SMC_inw, SMC_outw, SMC_insw, 
SMC_outsw ) since some hardware will not work with the macro I/O (Logic 

2) backs out/modifies a recent change putting calls to getenv and setenv in 

3) restores  CTL_DEFAULT definition to the register default and or's 
CTL_AUTO_RELEASE in smc_reset.

4) removes packet number and ptr register 'saving and restoral'.  You don't 
have to do this unless you're changing these in an interrupt handler.   This 
driver is polled.

5) adds proper handling of tx interrupt status and autorelease


1) Using the I/O macros on the Logic LH7A400 SDK does not work and puts the 
MAC in an unknown state.  Symptoms being data being shifted on the wire, 
packets being sent twice, MAC unable to free packets.  Receive works just 
fine while all this is going on.

It seems multiple word writes are happening to fast for the SMC while all 
other access modes work fine.  It could be the IO function calls add just 
enough delay to make the SMC happy.  Its not my hardware and our board will 
be different so I didn't want to spend any more time on this.  No code is 
added for boards that don't enable the functions.  This is done by defining 
'CONFIG_SMC_USE_IOFUNCS' in the board config.

2) I don't think there should be calls to environment functions from the 
ethernet driver.

The value being read is already passed into the function in the board info 
structure.  If you haven't set an ethernet address in your environment this 
will be all zeros.  If you have set an address in your environment it will be 
in the board info struct.  If either of these is not true, your board is not 
set up correctly.

I don't want a driver changing my environment, period.  Changing the board 
info ethaddr value is fine but don't touch the environment.

I've modified the code to use the value in board info, and modify that same 
value if needed.

3) Autorelease is NOT the control register default

4) again, this driver is polled not interrupt driven, no need to save/restore 
these registers

5)  Moved tx interrupt status handling to the poll4int function.  If 
autorelease not enabled we only care about  IM_TX_INT and must free packets 
on either success or failure.  If autorelease enabled we have to look for 
IM_TX_EMPTY_INT or IM_TX_INT...the former indicates tx was successfull, the 
latter indicates an error.  In error case the packet must still be freed 

Paul Ruhland (pruhland at microwavedata.com)
Software Engineer
Microwave Data Systems, Inc.
Rochester, NY 14620

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