[U-Boot-Users] (Newbie) MPS8272ADS image layout

Ward C. Travis w.travis at earthlink.net
Thu May 20 19:58:39 CEST 2004

Forgive me if I have overlooked something simple.

I have compiled u-boot using 'config_MPC8272ADS' and, following Wolfgang's advice, modified as little as possible. I accepted all the defaults, providing no overrides on the make line.

Looking at he .srec file, it appears that the image is to be loaded at 0xfff00000 . The configuration words are based there and _start is placed beyond them, at the image + 0x0100 .

The ADS board I am working with has the standard 8MB flash SIMM, which when the board boots from flash is mapped beginning at 0xff800000.

I am unclear on how the MPC8272 reset vectors the PC to 0xfff00100. Perhaps the simple question is, should the image be loaded into flash at some other address? My flash is clear - it is a rented board - and so there is no previous loader or configuration words in flash; hence I must boot from EEPROM and download the code (with Metrowerks, via parallel) while flash is remapped for EEPROM boot. I currently am experimenting with programming the image at various offsets from the beginning of flash. But once I reconfigure to boot from flash and power-cycle, of course, I see no sign of activity.

Thanks for any advice,

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