[U-Boot-Users] Help U-boot without dhcp,bootp

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu May 27 12:55:33 CEST 2004


in message <1085653448.12308.40.camel at Gargouille.comodoindia> you wrote:
>             Thanks for your reply. i have changed the CONFIG_COMMANDS. i
> faced some problems when compiling with CFG_NET_CMD. Then i have

This was to be expected. I guess there was a reason for not  enabling
it in the first place.

> compiled u-boot with CFG_CMD_ELF option.(Without CFG_CMD_NET). i can
> able to see bootelf option. 

Ummm.. what will you need this for?

>              As per your instruction, i have converted  my Image as
> zImage.srec. when comparing the size of the files, zImage's size is very
> low. size of Bin and srec are high.

This was NOT my instruction.

With U-Boot you should just run "make uImage", and use the  resulting
uImage  file  (which  is  in  binary format); alternatively, read the

>                       ## Checking Image at 50040000 ...
>                       Bad Magic Number

This just means that this is not an U-Boot image.

>            what is wrong in my procedure ?. Basically i want to boot my
> board using zImage.    

Don't do it. Use uImage instead. This is what it was made for.

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