[U-Boot-Users] Help U-boot without dhcp,bootp

Annamalai Prakash prakash at comodogroup.com
Thu May 27 12:24:08 CEST 2004

Hi Wolfgang,

            Thanks for your reply. i have changed the CONFIG_COMMANDS. i
faced some problems when compiling with CFG_NET_CMD. Then i have
compiled u-boot with CFG_CMD_ELF option.(Without CFG_CMD_NET). i can
able to see bootelf option. 

             As per your instruction, i have converted  my Image as
zImage.srec. when comparing the size of the files, zImage's size is very
low. size of Bin and srec are high.

              I have downloaded the zImage.srec using loads command. i
run the following command.

           minicom> => protect off all
                    => Un-Protect Flash Bank # 1
                    => loads 100000
           PC> cat ../boot/zImage.srec  > /dev/ttyS0
           i see the following the msg in Minicom.

           minicom>  ## First Load Addr = 0x00100000
                     ## Last  Load Addr = 0x000AE15F
                     ## Total Size      = 0x000AE160 = 713056 Bytes
                     ## Start Addr      = 0x00000000
           minicom> =>cp.b 100000 50040000 AE160   
                      copy to Flash ../done.
                    =>imi 50040000   

                      ## Checking Image at 50040000 ...
                      Bad Magic Number

           what is wrong in my procedure ?. Basically i want to boot my
board using zImage.    


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