[U-Boot-Users] Help U-boot without dhcp,bootp

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Wed May 26 19:21:05 CEST 2004

In message <1085564451.4870.12.camel at Gargouille.comodoindia> you wrote:
>         I m very newbie to U-boot. I installed U-boot 1.1.1 in my King
> canyon Board (Intel's ixp425 Processor).  I can able to see the
>          The help list displays only loadb,loads downloding commands. I
> dont know how to download the Linux kernel from my PC to Board. But In
> U-boot's Online manual deals booting the board via BOOTP, DHCP.Those
> options (bootp,dhcp,rarpboot,tftpboot) are not available in my
> bootloader.

This is to be expected - the board config file  explicitely  disables
the CFG_CMD_NET option.

>             Tell me what should i do to get the above options and how to

Enable the CFG_CMD_NET in your definition of CONFIG_COMMANDS. But  be
prepared  that  there  might be a reason for this option to be turned
off - like missing driver support or so.

> download my kernel,ram disk to my board ?. Is it possible to convert my
> zImage into BIN format... (I think .srec format occupies more memory
> space).

You can download your image as .srec (using the loads command) or  as
binary  file  (using  the  loadb command) as you like - on the target
boith images will be identical; it's just that the S-Record  download
is much slower.

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