[U-Boot-Users] running U-boot on ML300 board??

Peter Ryser Peter.Ryser at xilinx.com
Thu May 27 16:40:36 CEST 2004


after configuring and compiling u-boot for ML300 you will find an ELF 
file called u-boot in the root directory of u-boot. Now, configure the 
FPGA on ML300 with the bitstream from the reference design and then use 
your debugger (e.g. XMD with P4 cable) to download u-boot to and run it 
on the board.

If  you want to generate an ACE file containing u-boot and the bitstream 
go to the root directory of the reference design and execute the 
following command:
$ xmd genace.tcl -jprog -board ml300 -hw implementation/download.bit 
-elf <path to u-boot>/u-boot -ace top.ace

Copy the ACE file onto the MicroDrive (e.g. replace the ACE file in 
xilinx/myace) and run u-boot either by selecting it through the 
touchscreen or by setting the System ACE CF dial to four.

However, I recommend to first get the cable/debugger method working 
before you try with the ACE file.

- Peter

Abdelmajid Bouajila wrote:

> Hello,
> When running U-boot on ML300 board, I don't receive any character on 
> the serial port.
> I worked so:
> *I  downloaded a reference design given by xilinx.
> *With the xparameters.h, I compiled U-boot
> *I  put U-boot in \sw\os\linux\kernel....I rename it on zImage.embedded.
> *I generate my ace file, and nothing happens when running it on the 
> ML300 board.
> Have I done a mistake?
> Thanks
> Abdelmajid

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