[U-Boot-Users] flash erase

CG christian at mcdi.com
Thu May 27 20:46:06 CEST 2004

I use only one 16-bit flash device.  Also, I wrote some data in different
flash area and it works partially.

I can execute these command :
cp.b 2000000 10000000 2   => It copies 2 byte (data = 0x0006) at 0x10000000
it seems to work
cp.b 2000000 10000002 2   => It copies 2 byte at 0x10000002
cp.b 2000000 10000004 2   => It copies 2 byte at 0x10000004, I got problem
sometimes... it writes only 0x0002 instead of 0x0006

If I type this command:
cp.b 2000000 10000000 4   => I got problem as I said in my previous e-mail

Copy to Flash... not erased at 10000002 (0)

You can see the memory content:
10000000: ffff0006 ffffff10 ffff0430 fffffd30

The only problem that I can see now is the home-made PCB that I use to test
the memory flash with the dev.  board.  In fact, I use 56 long wires to
connect each IO from the "flash pcb" to the dev. board.  It's maybe why the
communication is unstable.  But I hope that it's the only problem.



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> > Do you have an example to know how to erase the flash 28F128J3 from
> This has little to do with which chip is being used,  but  more  with
> how  your  board is organized, i. e. bus width and how many chips are
> used to form a bank. I think you use 2 chips in 16 bit mode to form a
> 32 bit wide bank. This must be implemented in the driver.
> > I use 16-bit data width, CS0.  I would like to use this flash in order
> > store u-boot and applications (linux and ramdisk).
> Are you really sure? To me it looks more as if there ware 2 x 16  bit
> devices on a 32 bit wide bus.
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