[U-Boot-Users] SM712 + U-Boot

Pierre AUBERT p.aubert at staubli.com
Wed Apr 6 10:02:17 CEST 2005


I don't think that your card has a problem, I think it isn't configured 
The LynxEM4+ Rev. BA has an 32 bits internal memory bus, the Rev. AA has a
64 bits internal memory bus.
For the Rev BA, you need to switch ON the SW2:7 configuration switch.

I hope this helps.
Best regards

Bora Sahin wrote:

>  Highly possible this is not related to U-Boot but I would like to know if someone has ran into the
>  same problem.
>  We bought a SM712+ card::LynxEM4+ Rev.BA Eval Board -> DK712GX04PC00 PCI Evaboard... But this card
>  seems problematic. I enabled it in U-Boot and was able to boot normally. There is no error. But
>  display is something strange. The problem is that some pixels are painted, some successor pixels
>  are black, some successor pixels are painted, some successor pixels are black, ... etc. This space
>  seems equal. I tried some resolutions to see what is the problem. It is such that at 640*480*8
>  res.: 4 pix painted + 4 pix black + 4 pix painted + 4 pix black etc. This problem is in horizantal
>  line. There is no problem in vertical line except same columns are black! I tried to illuminate
>  the black pixels to see what happens and although I could achieve to change painted pixels from
>  U-Boot cmdline, I couldnt manage to change black pixels as expected. 
>  In fact, as we bought the card, I wanted to sure if this card was working or not. So I tried it in
>  Windows. Because It had already got the drivers.(This test doesnt ensure the card working properly
>  under Linux but I think still it was important in hardware point of view) It worked only in WinXP
>  and Vestel monitor combo. It wasnt succesful in some combinations of Winxx and monitor combo.
>  I think this card is not working properly in the means of hardware point of view. Does anyone come
>  across the same or similar problems?

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