[U-Boot-Users] cfi_flash support for 8 bit port width S29GL032M

Alexandre BASTOS alebas at televes.com
Mon Apr 18 13:38:13 CEST 2005


I am currently working in a custom board based on MPC8272ADS but
with some differences.

One of those is Flash chip/configuration used. I am using a Spansion
S29GL032M CFI Flash chip in BYTE# (8bit) mode.

I have tested the drivers/cfi_flash.c, which is OK for reading, but
it is not working for unlock/erase/write. Maybe due to command address
definitions, which, according to Datasheet, are for 16 bit configurations.
For example:

16 bit (already in driver)

#define AMD_ADDR_ERASE_START        0x555
#define AMD_ADDR_START          0x555
#define AMD_ADDR_ACK            0x2AA

8 bit (should be?)

#define AMD_ADDR_START          0xAAA
#define AMD_ADDR_ACK            0x555

So, my question is ... Is the S29GL032M (or AMD equivalent AM29LV320M)
already supported in byte mode for any board in u-boot?.
I have been testing some of the drivers, but I still couldn't find a
working solution for my board.

If not ... is there already any work done for this purpouse? Any hint?


Alex Bastos

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