[U-Boot-Users] new port/code location

Marc Leeman marc.leeman at gmail.com
Tue Feb 1 00:44:26 CET 2005

> Why do you need special code to do this? 

I don't k now :( This was one of the inherited but by now already severely
cleaned up and rewritten code. I thought that this functionality must
have been available in U-boot already..., seemed kind of too obvious...

> The same can be  done  using
> existing  commands  and  a  few  lines  (actually one longer line) of
> U-Boot commands (probably you want to  activate  the  hush  shell  as
> command parser for this).

Tnx for the hint, I'll be happy to remove that code there...

> No, this is not acceptable. I don;t want to have board specific  code
> there, especially not when it's not necessary.

This was what I thought, I'll have a look into this.

  greetz, marc
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