[U-Boot-Users] booting from USB

Jonas Dietsche maillist at fsforth.de
Tue Feb 1 17:55:53 CET 2005

Hello List,

I'm interested in booting a linux image from a USB memory stick.
I configured u-boot (version 1.1.2) to provide me with the usb commands.
I try to load the image with the following commands.
usb rest
usb scan
usbboot 10000 0:1

The usbboot command ends up with
Loading from USB device 0, partition 1: Name: usbda1
   Type: U-Boot
First Block: 32,  # of blocks: 255456, Block Size: 512

** Bad Magic Number **

The image is the same I download with the tftp command. Should I create 
the image in a different way?

Thanks for your hints.

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