[U-Boot-Users] omap2420h4 u-boot debugging CCS JTAG

Woodruff, Richard r-woodruff2 at ti.com
Wed Feb 2 13:08:50 CET 2005

Hello Komal,

Get an updated u-boot, a pull from the main head will result in
something better in this regard.

I removed all the semi-confusing CONFIG_PARTIAL_SRAM references in the
current images.  I replaced it with much friendlier run time checks
(is_running_in_sram, is_running_from_flash, is_running_in_sdram).  This
allows much easier debugging, and more understandable code.

As to your exact failure, I expect your problem is procedural at this
stage.  This bit of code when from the bin file, is expected to be
running in flash, your disasm shows you already running in SDRAM, this
is fine, but you would have had to load the elf file to get there...and
this would imply your sdr and gel files have everything setup ok, and I
bet this is not the case.

Richard W.

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> Subject: [U-Boot-Users] omap2420h4 u-boot debugging CCS JTAG
> Richard,
> I am trying to debug the omap2420h4 board u-boot
> through Code Composer Studio and xds560 JTAG.
> I have compiled u-boot with CONFIG_PARTIAL_SRAM
> option.
> CCS unable to debug after the STR instruction as "sp"
> becomes zero:
> file: board/omap2420h4/platform.S:
> ----------------------------------
>         ldr     sp,     SRAM_STACK
>         str     ip,     [sp]    /* stash old link
> register */
>         mov     ip,     lr      /* save link reg
> across call */
> ...
>         .word LOW_LEVEL_SRAM_STACK
> Where LOW_LEVEL_SRAM_STACK equals to 0x4020FFFC .
> As per the observation of registers and assembly code
> in CCS:
> ---------------snip-------------------
> 80E80570 01832100 ORREQ     R2, R3, R0, LSL #2
> 80E80574 E1A03000 MOV       R3, R0, R0
> 80E80578 E59FD028 LDR       R13, 0x80E805A8
> 80E8057C E58DC000 STR       R12, [R13]
> 80E80580 E1A0C00E MOV       R12, R0, R14
> ---------------snip-------------------
> Where value of R13 becomes zero. And due to that it is
> failing at "STR R12, [R13]".
> This seems to me the problem in accessing SRAM. Any
> hints on debugging the u-boot on the above case would
> be usefull for me on porting this code to the board
> based on similar core (omap2420).
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> ---Komal Shah
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